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High resolution (selective) emitter sheet resistance mapping

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To achieve high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, the uniformity and reproducibility of the emitter plays a major role. The knowledge of the emitter sheet resistance across the surface of a single wafer, and of the reproducibility from wafer to wafer is essential in optimizing the emitter diffusion process.

Selective emitter and emitter sheet resistance mapping:

Map the emitter sheet resistance across the wafer surface.

p/n-type determination:

Determine the type of the wafer.

Metal resistance determination:

Determine the sheet resistance, and also the specific resistivity of the metal.

For selective emitter measurements we have developped a special Sherescan PC software. Please check the support page or contact us.

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  • Emitter
  • Emitter sheet resistance mapping

    The typical example of emitter sheet resistance mapping using a 10x 10 measurement location matrix. This measurement takes about 9 minutes. The figure to the right represents a high resolution mapping with a 100 x 100 matrix. In the figure it is possible to see the belt imprint, meaning that through optimization of the settings of the diffusion IR furnace, a more uniform emitter can be obtained.

     application image

    Sheet resistance mapping of emitter

     application image

    High resolution resistance mapping of emitter

  • Selective emitter
  • Selective emitter sheet resistance mapping

    Selective emitters are of high interest to the photovoltaics industry since they can boost solar cell performance by 0.6% absolute. Nowadays, turn-key equipment can be purchased to realize selective emitters in industrial solar cell manufacturing processes.

     application image